Client Based Customized Services

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We deliver a fully integrated high quality services to prepare and maintain your accounting records reliably

Our expert professionals will take an in-depth understanding of your business and its processes to regularly prepare and maintain the accounting records. Our aim is to provide you a complete visibility on the financial affairs of your business. Our accounting services include:

Specialized Operations Management Support

Our specialized operations management support services are tailored and scalable to our clients’ business requirements

Payroll Management

We provide payroll management services in order to process the payroll timely and accurately while maintaing high level of confidentiality

We process monthly payroll to enable salary payments, prepare a print pay slips and provide payroll analysis report for management. We also undertake special reviews and prepare specific reports to meet the business requirements

Inventory Management

We provide fully integrated inventory management support to optimize the stock levels for your business

Our services include stock counts, stock valuations, providing support in optimizing and managing the inventory levels, identification of slow moving and obsolete inventory and preparing in-depth inventory analysis and ageing as per business needs

Business Reviews

We undertake customized and in-depth review of our clients businesses in order to support informed business decisions

We carry out review on all aspects of the business which include but not limited to review of operations efficiency, profitability and costs analysis (product, segments, market), inventory and cash controls, receipts and payments transactions and work flow reviews

Business Analysis And Decision Support

Business Analysis and Decision Support are critical to ensure profitable growth and rapidly adapt to the changing business environment

Businesses can run without these activities, however it will carry a significant risk to the company’s ability to innovate and explore the potential business opportunities which may not be visble during routine operations. In today’s business world, effective business analysis coupled with the strong decision support significantly contributes towards developing a durable competitive advantage

We undertake the following business analysis and decision support services:

Strategic Business Support

We add value to our clients by providing a strong strategic business support in order to achieve a sustainable and profitable growth and further discover the business growth potential

Value Added Tax (VAT)

We provide fully integrated VAT services to help our clients manage both the commercial and compliance aspects of the VAT